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 Medical Incinerators

Model YD-30 Incinerator

Model YD-50 Incinerator

Model YD-100 Incinerator

Model YD-150 Incinerator

Model YD-300 Incinerator

Model YD-500 Incinerator

 Small Incinerators

Model YD-15C Incinerator

Model YD-20C Incinerator

Model YD-30C Incinerator

 Pet Crematory

Model SYC-50 Incinerator

Model SYC-100 Incinerator

 Economical Incinerators

Model YZ-20 Incinerator

Model YZ-50 Incinerator

Model YZ-100 Incinerator

Model YZ-150 Incinerator





About Clover


  Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co., Ltd. local in Nanjng city, eastern of China, near to China's largest city, Shanghai city. Clover is a waste incinerator manufacturer, focusing on research, manufacture, sale and service in field of medical environmental technology. Presently, Clover's international market cover Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia etc. We have branch company in Hong Kong, and agents in UAE, Egypt, etc. Following the market required and product quality improvement, we are to be one of the largest incineration equipment supplier in the world.

  Clover has maintained "Stable and Sustainable Development", focusing on incinerator market.

  Looking forward, Clover brings possibilities of a wider range of product and services to the medical and environmental technology







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